Footsteps are Ringing Very Far Away

Intermedia Project

Spiazzi cultural space, Venice, 2023

Footsteps are Ringing Very Far Away is a project dedicated to the multi-faceted work of Ivan Šuković. It consists of a series of pieces conceived specifically for this exhibition, in which the artist questions the canon of beauty that varies according to narrative and historical development. Using fragments from cartography, landscapes, topography and satellite representations, the artist questions the concepts of space, which is only accepted as a place when it is confirmed by human presence.

The artist adheres to the vicissitudes of the Venetian people, to the entrails of this territory, underlining with a permanent lyrical note that does not lead to the picturesque, a perspective that reconsiders the ambivalence of future visions for the city and its inexorable fragility in the present, inviting the viewer to become an explorer of alternative versions of the same mutable context.

Ivan Šuković's artistic practice uses various media such as sculpture, photography, video and installation to explore ideas about the individual in relation to their environment, aesthetics, memory, territory and nature. His horizontal and interdisciplinary work combines botany, taxonomy and art to create a unique language with a strong autobiographical component. His delicate work with fragile elements such as glass, mirrors and still life transforms matter into an Bild- Gedanken for its purpose, problematizing image, representation and memory.

Matheew Carrillo Marentes